Content Areas

For the first 9 weeks, there will be plenty of learning taking place in all subjects for 5th grade classrooms.

Students will become more familiar with math computations, including:
*Place value
*Expanded and standard form
*Multiplication using area model's and distributive property
*Multiplying 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers
*Dividing using standard algorithms, base tens, and other strategies

Students will become more familiar with strategies that will enhance their comprehension skills and Lexile scores, including:
*Understanding character, plot, setting of a story
*Understanding the author's point of view
*Understanding cause and effect
*Understanding text structure: Sequencing

Language Arts
Students will become more familiar with recognizing grammatical errors, including:
*Sentence Structure
*Mechanics and usage
*Subjects and predicates
*Compound Sentences and Conjunctions
*Complex Sentences
*Sentence Fragments and Run-ons

Students will become more familiar with cells, including:
*Understanding Quantitative and Qualitative Variables
*Understanding lab safety and protocol
*Understanding the Cell Theory/Theorists
*Understanding the various functions in animal and plant cells


Social Studies
Students will become familiar with the United States Constitution by:
*Understanding the Preamble
*Understanding the first 10 Amendments- Bill of Rights
* Understanding the responsibilities of a United States citizen

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