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Parent and Family Engagement

1%Budget Survey

October 2, 2019 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We value your input! As a parent of a child who receives Title I services in our school, you have the right to give input about how the school district budgets and spends its Title I Parent & Family Engagement money.  Over the last few weeks, our school held various meetings with parents and family members to revise our school’s Parent and Family Engagement plan for the next year. 

We hope you had the chance to participate in one of these meetings. In the meetings, we discussed the following:

  1. Parents and family members stated that they like having a district parent coordinator who is a liaison for them and provides family engagement opportunities at the school.

  2. Parents and family members have asked for a place at the school where they could meet and learn how to better support their child’s learning.  

  3. Parents and family members asked for more resources on how to help their child at home.

  4. Parents and family members would like to have a workshop on helping their child with math.

Last school year, Lee Street ES had $2,552 allocated for the Title I-1% Parent & Family Engagement budget. Based on parent input, the funds were as follows:

This year, (2019-2020) we have $2,292, allocated the Title I 1% Parent & Family Engagement budget, we would like to spend the Title I – 1% Parent & Family Engagement budget as follows: 

Do you agree with how we have budgeted parent & family engagement funds for this school year?

Yes           No         If no, why not? ___________________________________________________________________

Do you have any other suggestions for the use of funds? These will be taken into consideration for this school year and future school years.


Please return this form to your child’s teacher. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact, Marques Strickland at

        ________________________________________                                         ________________________                                     

                              Parent Signature                                                                             Date

Lee Street Elementary School

178 Lee Street

Jonesboro, Georgia 30236

Phone (770) 473-2815

   Marque Strickland                       Fax (770) 603-5771                           Chadwick Pressley

       Principal                                                                                                   Counselor

   Felicia Washington                                                                                                                 

       Assistant Principal                 

Title I 1 % Budget Summary 

October 21, 2019 

Lee Street Elementary School hosted several Parent and Family Engagement Budget Meetings on October 8th and 10th. During the meetings the Title I 1%Budget Survey was distributed. Title I-A requires the utilization of 1% of the funds to support and promote Parent and Family Engagement in schools. Parents were able to agree or disagree with the way we would spend the money. 600 surveys were sent home on October 16th.  After reviewing the results of 87 parents, the results are as follows:  

100 % of the parents agreed with the way we would spent the $2,292.00. We will spend the Title I Parent and Family Engagement 1% Budget in the following ways:

  1. We will pay teachers afterhours to provide grade level parent workshops 

  2. We will purchase more parent workshop materials

  3. We will purchase materials to support instruction at home

  4. We will send parent communications to print services and use interpretation services

  5. We will purchase supplies for the Parent Resource Center 

Thank You,

Marques Strickland 


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